True Spectrum Yarns

Color and creativity to feed your soul! 


Corriedale is a multi-purpose wool. It has a long staple length between 3-6 inches with even crimp. This provides beautiful loft and elasticity. A medium soft wool that takes dye well. Excellent for weaving, knit and crochet socks, sweaters, blankets as well as felting. Fiber diameters are between 25 to 35 microns.

 I love working with this wool. I find it takes dye well. It spins softly and smoothly in my hands. It is a smooth and not wiry wool. It has the feel of smooth bamboo though a bit heavier. This wool blends very well with exotic fibers, alpaca, mohair, silk, as well as firestar, nylon, and bamboo.
Polwarth wool comes from a conservation breed. It has fine microns of 21 to 26 diameters and 3 to 7 inch staple lengths. It is said to be easier to spin than merino and it also takes dye and felts very well. It has the added benefit of being soft enough for baby garments with good elasticity, drape and loft.